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Pakistan-China friendship higher than mountains: Asif - CPEC Role Model
2021-06-23 19:03

"It's been a great honor to receive the award, which is not only an acknowledgement of my work but also that of the whole construction team. While I appreciate the recognition by the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, I'm grateful to China Three Gorges Corporation for their cultivation and proud to be part of the team. I will continue my devotion to work and have better performance," Asif Majeed said while receiving the medal of "Outstanding Pakistani Employee" of CPEC.

Asif, technical manager of the land acquisition and immigration department of Kohala Hydro-power project, has been working at the company for 4 years when he was granted the award.

“I feel proud and excited to have worked at CPEC projects as I can witness, right on the front-line, the changes and development of my hometown and my country brought about by these projects,” Asif noted, “the work I’m responsible for, land acquisition and immigration, is arduous and complicated, and when it comes to the site work it is even more challenging, but it’s also a crucial part of the whole project that lays the ground for following constructions. Besides, I have learned both technical skills and Chinese culture in this process while working with my Chinese colleagues who are wise and diligent, dedicated to work with professionalism.”

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The Kohala Hydropower Project is built on the Jhelum River in AJK, northeast region of Pakistan. With a total investment of US $2.4 billion, It’s hitherto the largest privately-operated hydropower project in Pakistan funded by China. In 2014, it was listed as the “actively promote project” in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Under the Belt and Road Initiative, China Three Gorges Corporation has invested six projects in Pakistan, registering an amount of US $6 billion. Among them, three are CPEC projects, including the 100MW Three Gorges Wind Farm Pakistan that has been put into operation, the ongoing 720 MW Karot Hydropower Project, and the upcoming 1124MW Kohala Hydropower Project. These clean-energy projects with direct investment will meet the power demands of Pakistan, boost its economic growth, and reduce CO2 emission by replacing thermal power to help Pakistan cope with climate change.

The year 2018 is memorable to Asif when he was assigned to the headquarters of China Three Gorges Corporation for a 15-day training on enterprise culture and technical skills. “That was my first visit to China. Having seen the highly developed Beijing city and trying delicious Chinese cuisines, I’m enchanted by the Chinese culture. Besides, I have participated in several speech contests about BRI and CPEC and visited the Three Gorges Project on-site...”

Recalling this experience, Asif was a little bit excited. And his emotion reached the summit especially after visiting the Three Gorges Project. "I realize that this is one of the greatest projects of mankind. I admire the wisdom and dedication of Chinese workers. I should learn from them."

Asif told the reporter that when the Covid-19 broke out in Pakistan in February last year and the situation was severe, the Chinese government, China Three Gorges Corporation, and other Chinese organizations supported Pakistan with a large number of emergency materials, including masks, protective clothing, protective masks, breathing machines, which were immediately provided to public institutions and hospitals in Pakistan to enhance their disaster resistance. The help has come in time and warms the hearts of every Pakistani.

Not long ago, the Chinese government donated 500,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines to Pakistan free of charge. Arthur said China's care and support for Pakistan have proven that China-Pakistan friendship is higher than mountains, deeper than the sea and sweeter than honey.

From:China Economic Net

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