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Notification of the Implementation of Commissioning Bank to Collect Consular Fees for the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan
2020-09-04 11:15

In order to enhance the availability and safety of the payment of consular fees, the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan will start the implementation of commissioning bank to collect consular fees from September 7, 2020. Applicants must deposit relevant fees into the account of HABIB BANK LIMITED (HBL), at least two days before the collection date of consular document. The specific arrangements are as follows:

1. After applying for consular services in the Chinese Embassy, the applicant will get the pink collection slip and the Embassy Exclusive Bank challan at the front desk which should be filled accurately, and can go to any HBL bank branch in Pakistan to pay the fees. For applicants who choose to apply for passport/travel document renewal by “No Appearance” way, please download the Embassy Exclusive Bank Challan from the Embassy ‘s website, and fill in the relevant information, and then go to the HBL bank branch to pay the fees.

2. The applicant shall deposit the fees payable at any HBL outlets in the designated account, and keep the Embassy copy and depositor copy of the Challan stamped by HBL .

The nearest branch to the Embassy: HBL Foreign Affairs Branch, Constitution Ave, Islamabad.

The branch where Chinese language service is available: HBL Corporate Branch, HBL Tower, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad.

3. The applicant should pay the fee before the collection date written on the pink collection slip . The person who pays the fee on the collection date may fail to collect the consular document as scheduled because the consular fee may not have arrived at the account.

4. The applicant should, on the collection date marked on the pink collection slip, bring the pink collection slip together the original Embassy copy of the Challan stamped by HBL to collect the consular document. Applicants who apply for passport/travel document through "No Appearance " way should send the original Embassy copy of the Challan stamped by HBL together with other application documents to the Chinese Embassy.

5. Instructions on filling in the Embassy Exclusive Bank Challan. The Challan is in triad with the first one as HBL Copy, the second one as Depositor Copy and the third one as Embassy Copy. Please fill in the applicant's name, passport number and telephone number on the triad Challan, then tick the type of business you are applying for and fill in the corresponding payment amount. The Embassy’s consular fee payment account number is 00427992034403. This account number has been printed on the Embassy Exclusive Bank Challan. There is no need to fill it in. The types of payment are divided into five categories :(1) Passport/Travel Document; (2) Attestation ; (3) Notarization; (4) Bank Service Charge (Rs. 150, which has been printed on the triad); (5) Other Fee. For applicants coming directly to the Embassy, please fill in the actual Amount marked on the pink slip. For those who apply for Passport/Travel document renewal in the "No appearance" way, please tick the box of Passport/Travel Document, and fill in 2500 as Amount and 2650 as Total Amount.

6. The transition period will be from September 7 to 11, 2020. The applicant can either adopt bank payment or cash payment during the transition period. The cash payment will be stopped from September 13, 2020 and all the payments will be made by bank payment hereafter.

Chinese Embassy in Pakistan

September 4, 2020

Attachment: Chinese Embassy Exclusive Bank Challan

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